PUBLIC BODY (the ballet) - work in development

Choreographed by Darcy Wallace

Performed by Temitope Ajose-Cutting, Leah Marejovic, Karen Callaghan, Rosalie Pearce-Bell and Darcy Wallace

Music by Thom Sonny Green

V&A Museum 29th March 2019

Images by Camilla Greenwell, digital collages by Eve Stainton

As part of Copy/Paste V&A Late, choreographer Darcy Wallace initiates a performance in three acts set to an experimental sound score by Thom Sonny Green. This work takes its point of departure from ongoing research into Wallace’s project PUBLIC BODY (the ballet) which explores socio political connotations of the female body in performance, especially in the ballet tradition . The work will be performed by Leah Marojevic, Temitope Ajose-Cutting, Karen Callaghan, Rosalie Pearce Bell and Darcy Wallace and will deconstruct and reimagine ballet for the contemporary female body. These five women will pass in and out of the performance space, duplicating and reconstructing classical gestures that will shift in their reading over-time. A persisting loop of choreography that circulates through the individual and collective female body. 


The first phase of research and development of PUBLIC BODY (the ballet) is made possible through Arts Council Project Funding, with support from Centre 151, University of Winchester and Studio Wayne McGregor.